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In April 2001, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. opened its first branch in the Philippines.  Since then, we have opened over 145 restaurants throughout the world.  Our Honolulu, Hawaii branch will be our first location in the United States.

Our Pizza

Our New York-style pizza is made with premium ingredients and generous toppings.  Our crust is crisp and slightly charred on the bottom, dense and chewy in the middle, and slightly gooey on top. And that’s just the crust. Top it off with a generous serving of the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, and you get—simply put—great pizza.

But the New York experience doesn’t just stop with the pizza.

With an open kitchen, exposed pipes, graffiti and concrete walls, you get a taste of the lifestyle of a true New Yorker.

With ingredients that fit perfectly together, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. serves products that people from all generations keep coming back to. No matter what the occasion, our pizza, pasta and our other menu items will always be a good idea.

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Daily 10 am - 9 pm

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